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Please send your old RV manuals to:. Use media mail for a great postal rate. Or send them by email to: jimcoboris gmail. Thanks for helping out if you can. RV Manuals Link. Winnebago Operator Manuals. Tweet Facebook. Join Good Old RVs. Anyone that can help would be greatly appreciated. We just bought our first RV and have questions on the water holding tanks and stuff.

I don't want you to think I'm being funny but could it be a Fleetwood Camper and not just a Flee? Never heard of that brand and the coincidence just seems too much to pass on. I just purchased a Flee - I find nothing anywhere about a Flee trailer! Even who manufactured them. Does anyone have any information?

Mine was recently within the last three years painted and the cabinet doors replaced, wiring also, at least it appears so. Just purchased our third vintage camper. I'm looking for manual or any info on a Coachman travel trailer - 23', weight, brakes info?? I'm looking for any information on a Casa Villa park model. I also need a user manual for coleman presidential II furnace model Just inherited my parents Aristocrat Land Star. I would love a copy of a owners manual for it.

Ina Schuster. Manuals are tough. But keep scrounging this site. Also posting a picture or lots of pictures.

You might get lucky and get a reply Hey I got one just like that! Good Luck! Hello, I just bought a Terry Travel Trailer. It needs some care and some replacement windows. I've searched the internet for manuals but haven't had any luck. Does anyone know where I could find one. I'm brand new to RV's and the manual would help. Its not in bad shape but I would like to fix it up before it gets cold. Also, I live in a small town and I would have to travel 60 miles to the nearest place for parts and things I need.

It would be nice to know exactly what I need or at least an idea of what to look for. Thank you! I have recently gotten a Holiday Rambler presidential 26 ft class C.

Does anyone have a idea where i can look to find any manuals that are close for it. Thanks have a great day.Since these memos were written to send out individually in most cases, there may be some duplication in content.

This specific writeup is intended to address the troubleshooting and replacement of that switch. Before we get into the specifics of the components, or diagnosis and repair, it may help to get some basic understanding of how AutoPark works. The following illustration describes the system in pretty simple terms. We suggest studying these diagrams and text, so as to be able to visualize what your AutoPark is doing as you apply, or release the parking brake.

Interestingly, all the AutoParks built from up thru aboutwere driven by pressure from the power steering pump instead of the separate electric pump that characterizes all the later units. These earlier units were primarily an all hydraulic device and for the most part, have proven to be perhaps more reliable than the later electro-hydraulic types. Click on image to enlarge.

In addition to the actuator system which is illustrated and described above, the newer systems have a high pressure hydraulic pump that is motor driven and controlled by a combination of electronic and hydraulic devices.

There are actually two somewhat differently configured systems in existence — — One of them used from about toand the other from thru Diagrams of each system are shown below:. The parking brake with this configuration may be applied by putting the gear shift lever in PARK, or by depressing the manual foot pedal 2.

This second diagram shows the Version III system. It does NOT have the manual foot pedal, but instead has a yellow push-pull knob on the dashboard as well as the PARK position on the gear selector.

So what is the Rotten Green Switch, and what does it do? It is designed to turn on the pump at pressures below psi, and turn the pump off when the pressure reaches psi. This switch typically fails in two stages. In the first stage, oil under high pressure from the pump, gets inside the switch and causes the switch to lock in the ON position.

With the switch staying ON, the system pressure then goes sky high. The very high pressure at some point ruptures the switch, and oil starts trickling out past the switch terminals.

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Eventually, all the oil will leak out and the actuator will apply the parking brake for lack of hydraulic pressure. On the left is a picture of a new Rotten Green Switch — — as mentioned elsewhere, it is sometimes brown in color, but the function is unchanged regardless of whether it is brown or green.

The above information pretty well covered what the RGS is, how it works, and where to find it. Below, we have inserted the writeup which describes the method used for determining failure of the RGS. Typically, units built from about thru will have this green switch but some of the newer models may have a brown switch — — basically the same switch, just a different color.

On earlier models, look on the passenger side of the transmission next to the frame rail, but slightly aft of the tranny itself.By mikevOctober 26, in Electrical.

Ford class A chassis Owner's Manual

I tried to get a coach wiring diagram as well but they did not have it readily available. The technician I was talking to said to check back in a few months as they were in the process of scanning -collating and posting manuals and wiring diagrams to their web site for owners to access. Well yesterday I went there and found the wiring diagrams for my Ambassador were indeed available. This is an excellent service they are providing, the diagrams are very detailed and easy to follow.

For those of us who can do our own repairs these diagrams are pure gold. For those of you who will take your coach to a shop these diagrams will probably save you money and time. Just download your copy and have it available for the shop to use.

I printed mine as well as keeping a copy on my computer. They are also putting owners manuals on line. The models and years of the manuals and wiring diagrams are limited at the moment, but they said it was an ongoing process. Hopefully they will be able to get all of them online. Although I have had limited issues as far as my coach's electrical systems is concerned, I try to be as informed about all my equipment as possible.

Another of my projects is taking digital pictures of every nook and cranny of my coach so I know where everything is.

2000 motorhome p30 park brake fuse 19 full version

Between this and these diagrams I should be able to find most problems. The web sight link might have changed over the years. You might try this link to the Rambler group. That is still active. You will be able to leave a comment after signing in.

Electrical Search In. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted October 26, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted October 27, Solid GOLD. Posted June 22, Link no longer active. Any thoughts? Posted August 17, Please sign in to comment You will be able to leave a comment after signing in Sign In Now. Go To Topic Listing. Sign In.Being basically a businessman rather than an engineer, before leaving General Motors, Durant took with him a promising and interesting development of the car, on improvement of which he invited to work the popular racer Louis Chevrolet, who gave the new company his famous sonorous name.

The first model, the Classic Six, is a spacious five-seat sedan with a six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 30 horsepower, with electric lighting, four doors, a convertible top, a windshield, and in addition, a personal set of tools, was introduced in But the first models of success did not have, since the price was very high.

For example, the then popular Ford-T cost five times cheaper.

2000 motorhome p30 park brake fuse 19 full version

William Durant realized that the key to success lies not in the luxury of the car, but in its simplicity and cheapness. He moved away from the production of chic models and began the production of inexpensive 4-cylinder machines — an open passenger car Baby Grand and a sports Royal Mail.

It was on these models that in the first time the famous Chevrolet logo appeared — a bow tie. In Chevrolet was created on their base this was its original pricewhich brought the company a great reputation. These cheap, but reliable cars have become as popular as the Ford. It was with the th model that the specialization of Chevrolet began on the cheapest and simple cars that brought it worldwide fame.

Inthe company has its own engine, a V-shaped 8-cylinder, but at that time it did not find enough demand.

Auto Park Brake

Dynamic, diverse and well-sold Chevrolet models brought financial success to Durant who managed to regain control over General Motors and in joined the company Chevrolet, whose products for many years became an ornament of the production range of the corporation. Engineers and designers of Chevrolet have done a lot for the development of the world automotive industry. In this department in the first car equipped with an air-cooled engine was produced.

auto park brake nightmare FIX or resolved issue Part 3

InChevrolet produces the first Corvette Corvette car with a fiberglass body, which is regarded as the first attempt to create a purely American sports car equipped with a modernized Chevrolet engine with a working volume of 3.

In addition, the old automatic transmission was replaced by a mechanical one. Inthere were new all-wheel drive off-road vehicles Blazer and Suburban, and inBlazer released a new design. Now the famous branch of GM — Chevrolet produces dozens of models of cars of any class and type in many countries.

2000 motorhome p30 park brake fuse 19 full version

The light appears models Aveo, Spark, Lacetti, Rezzo. If you have any questions, please contact with us. Chevrolet Cruze GM. Chevrolet Camaro. Related Posts. Chevrolet Diagnostic Trouble Codes. Fault codes Chevrolet Aveo T and Contact Contact Us.

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Table of Contents. Chapters Table of Contents 3 General Information F-series super duty class a motorhome and commercial chassis pages.

Motorhomes Ford Motorhome Owner's Manual pages. It is dedication to learning what you want, determination to develop the right concept, and execution of that concept with care, precision, and attention to detail. Page 6 Integrity is never compromised. Our conduct worldwide must be pursued in a manner that is socially responsible and commands respect for its integrity and for its positive contributions to society.

2000 motorhome p30 park brake fuse 19 full version

Things to Know About Using This Guide This guide will familiarize you with operational, maintenance and safety information about your new vehicle. Page 8 If you lose your Warranty Information Booklet, you can get a new one free of charge. Contact any Ford or Lincoln-Mercury dealer, or refer to the addresses and phone numbers on the first page of this owner guide.

You should include this number any time you write to Ford Motor Company about your vehicle. It is visible from outside the vehicle under the hood. Page 11 Your Ford dealer has information about the availability of many items of equipment which may be ordered for your vehicle.

Page 12 Use only the type of engine oil that Ford recommends. LOCK is the only position that allows you to remove the key.

The LOCK feature helps to protect your vehicle from theft. If the key is stuck in the LOCK position, move the steering wheel left or right until the key turns freely. They could accidentally injure themselves or others through inadvertent operation of the vehicle. Never sit in a stopped vehicle for more than a short period of time with the engine running.A list of RV owners manuals you can download from the manufacturers websites.

This list will be updated when new information is available. Alp RV Owners Manuals. Bigfoot Owners Manuals. Coachmen RV Owners Manuals. Cruiser RV Owners Manuals. Fleetwood Owners Manuals. Forest River Owners Manuals. Freightliner Owners Manuals. Grand Design Owners Manuals. Gulf Stream Owners Manuals. Heartland Owners Manual. Hurricane Owners Manuals. HighlandRidge Owners Manuals. Holiday Rambler Owners Manuals. Keystone RV Owners Manuals.

Monoco Owners Manuals. Nexus RV Owners Manuals. Outdoors RV Owners Manuals. Renegade Owners Manuals. RoadTrek Owners Manuals.Wolf's Motorhome Modifications.

Replacing r22 with r407c

Defeating the Auto Parking Brake welcome to our nightmare. Remember you can click on a picture for a larger image! I defeated my automatically applied parking brake after it began failing and showed problems in both the pump and actuator.

These are very expensive items.

Cosmetic vendors

Other owner's experiences showed the rebuilds will again fail. I still had the pedal applied parking brake in operation. I can use that in place of the automatically applied brake. If I didn't put some sort of alarm system on the brake, I might walk away from the motorhome after putting it in park and forget to apply the pedal parking brake.

For this reason I designed an alarm that reminding me to turn on the pedal applied parking brake. I extended that to alarm should I attempt to drive away with the parking brake still applied.

This work is not for you. When the transmission selector is in "park", the parking brake is applied. The parking brake is a drum brake located on the back of the transmission. The brake is applied two ways. First, one might press the parking brake pedal. The other way is the dreaded auto parking brake mechanism. If your motorhome is locked up, welcome to our nightmare!!! Get yourself a service manual. If you don't have a service manual, don't waste everyone's time with dopey questions easily understood by a close reading from the people that brought you your problem.

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